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  • The Collection of Korean Anthologies DB No. 969-970 來庵先生文集
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  • 조선시대 중기
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Related anthoglogies
It is a different edition of the above collection of works, or a collection of related works, such as a collection of works by the same author.

Anthology name Author Published year Age of writing DB
내암집(來庵集) 정인홍(鄭仁弘) 1911 조선시대 중기 Korean Anthologies Collection DB

Korean Studies Content
This is a list of academic research papers on the above collection.

Classification Author Title Journal/Book Title Publication year
논문 李相弼 海州鄭氏 家門의 晉州 定着과 學問 性向 南冥學硏究 2004
논문 정우락 정인홍의 비평정신과 창적의 실제 퇴계학과 유교문화 2006
논문 금장태 白湖 尹휴의 性理說과 經學 人文論叢 1998
논문 李相弼 來庵 鄭仁弘의 學問性向과 政治的 役割 南冥學硏究 1996
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