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1224年(高麗 高宗11)~1301年(高麗 忠烈王27)
  • The Collection of Korean Anthologies DB No. 31 動安居士文集
  • Block book
  • Koryŏ
  • 序-李穡(1359), 編-李衍宗

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Anthology name Author Published year Age of writing DB
동안거사집(動安居士集) 이승휴(李承休) - Koryŏ Korean Anthologies Collection DB

Korean Studies Content
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Classification Author Title Journal/Book Title Publication year
논문 Choi Seung-beom The Mot of the Choson Sonbi Koreana (English) 1998
논문 金慶洙 천은사의 이승휴 유적지 발굴기 人文學硏究 2001
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