The Book of Classical Translation DB


The Book of Classical Translation DB is a database that combines the classical translations published by the Korean Classical Translation Institute (including the classical translation project) and the excellent classical translations published by related organizations such as the King Sejong King Memorial Service and the private sector.
The classical translator DB is composed of various kinds of literary works written by major characters of Korea including Choi Chih-won's 《계원필경집》, history types such as 《연려실기술》ㆍ《해동역사》, In addition to the 《宗廟儀軌》 and 《嘉禮都監儀軌》 types, it consists of translations of various genres including registration, politics, personnel, law, diplomacy, geography and astronomy. 188 species based on the 2016 book 801 (excluding index) has been built into the DB and service.

Introductory remarks for DB

It is a meta-linking service of classical translations published by Korea Classical Translation Institute.