The Collection of Korean Geography, Customs and History DB


This series is a collection of 400 volumes from important 643 books related geography, customs and history of Korea published between late Chosen and 1945. There contained scenic spots and important data on local government and pictures, statistics. Especially, local newspapers and geographical writings written by community leaders and famous people, Korea's geographical and statistical data based on modern methodologies made in Japan government agencies including Korea general government are the most appropriate data to understanding present Korea. Of course, there is no use to say that these materials were for obtaining the knowledge to govern Korea. Although those are the creature of reign made by Japan, however, those materials are important and indispensible facts to explain modern history of Korea. In addition, this collection contains critical literatures in North Korea as well as South Korea and it is expected to have a big role for research on North Korea.

Introductory remarks for DB

  1. We developed database of 400 vol. <The Collection of Korean Geography, Customs and History > printed by Kyungin Publisher.
  2. Table of contents has been written comparing the contents with the original text.
  3. Literal translation is the principle.