How to use Individual Access Service

Getting started

Individual access service helps institutional members to access the website easily at the outside of institution.

Institutional member is logged in automatically when the user locates within the IP bandwidth of institution. Therefore, if a user is within the IP bandwidth, like a university building, the user can use the database that is subscribed without any other certification. But if a user is outside of the IP bandwidth, the user cannot be certified as a institutional member, so user cannot read the database.. To resolve this inconvenience, a user can use Individual access service. With Individual Access Service account, a user can access the website outside of IP bandwidth, and can use personally specialized functions such as bookmarks. To use this service, a user needs to set up as an Individual Access Service member as follows:

  1. Access Media Korean Studies website within the IP bandwidth of institution. How to check login status
  2. Click Log out.
  3. If a user is not an individual member yet, the user needs to sign up.
  4. Click Individual Login at the top of the screen.
  5. Click My Page > Settings for Individual Access Service
  6. Click Institutional Login below.
  7. Institution? Please click "Individual access with institution."
  8. Check the breakdown of set up.
  9. You already logged in when you find ! your institution's name at the top of right side.

To use Individual access service, please logout and log in again with individual access account.

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