Anthology & Resources Content

The Collection of Korean Anthologies DB
Those are collection of works, 4,000 representative writers’ from Silla to Japanese colon… | more
Korean Anthologies Collection DB
It has been published out in order to offer basic data of Koreanology study and translati… | more
Korean Translation of Koryŏsa DB
The greatest researchers have completed Korean translation Koryosa. It not only translate… | more
Historical Resources for Relations between Korea and Japan DB
It is the essential research materials comparing translation version with original one ,a… | more

Geography History Content

The Collection of Korean Geography, Customs and History DB
Collected all kinds of books on History, Geography and Custom in the late period of Chos… | more
The Series of Geography, History and Customs of Manchuria-Mongolia DB
This book was published by the Chosun governor-general during the Japanese colonial rule.… | more

Korean Studies Research Thesis Content

Korean Studies Content
It is expected to be a great help to professors, students, and Korean studies researchers… | more

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Provides academic journals and theses from Taiwan and Hong Kong
The most competitive academic platform with the largest academic journals in Chinese

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